Smart MultiMedia utilizes diverse technolgies to create specific deliverables

Smart MultiMedia is committed to helping clients use technology effectively. Collecting, building, and delivering information in today’s world requires mastering diverse digital technologies and using them together to convey ideas, concepts, knowledge and data in an effective manner. From initial data collection to final delverable, Smart MultiMedia has the tools and skills needed to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Whether providing a turn key solution or simply providing services or equipment, Smart MultiMedia has the solution.

High Definition Laser Scanning and 3D Data Acquisition

Smart MultiMedia uses High Speed HDS technology from Leica Geosystems to provide 3D data acquisition to the legal, petrochemical, forensic and entertainment industries.

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Immersive and Interactive Learning Environments

Smart MultiMedia creates cutting edge 3D animations and simulations to create interactive learning spaces for every use, from training for technical support employees to marketing demonstrations. Complicated concepts and datasets are effectively presented in ways specialized to the end user.


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HD Digital Video Production and Post Production

Smart MultiMedia provides complete high definition digital video production and post production services. Video is by far the most powerfull means of communication today and our professionals can help you use it effectively.


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Video Teleconferencing and Telelearning

Video teleconferencing solutions are essential tools used to improve efficiency without compromising contact. Just as the fax machine revolutionized business communication and became a necessary fixture, every business must learn to use VTC and VTL in order to compete and communicate.


Smart Multimedia is a certified reseller of Polycom Video Conferencing equipment.

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